About Us

The JQ Medical Story

Customer Service and Specialty Diabetes Care since 1994.

Jan Quigley founded JQ Medical Supply with the goal of providing exceptional customer service and a knowledgeable and caring team to help people managing Diabetes achieve their best possible health!

As someone managing Diabetes herself, Jan created JQ Medical to provide a caring community where excellent customer service, friendly product education, and rapid at-home delivery is the norm.

As a family-owned business, JQ Medical is focused on the customer, above all else!

Young man checking his glucose with a CGM device after a meal.

Why Choose JQ Medical

At JQ Medical, you can expect seamless insurance verification, swift product delivery to your home or office, and a deeply knowledgeable team that cares about providing truly exceptional customer service.

We’ll help you simplify your daily healthcare routine by providing a superior experience to ensure you have the products you need to look after your health. JQ Medical is here to make Diabetes care simple!